AvodahMed Appoints Medical Advisory Council


DALLAS TX. November 2020 – AvodahMed, a paradigm in telehealth, has patented artificial intelligence technology that provides a unique solution of real time vital checking, video conferencing, patient data analytics and language services embedded with AI. Today they announced that they have begun assembling and appointing a medical advisory council (MAC) to guide in the design, application and use of its proprietary telehealth technology. The latest additions to the AvodahMed (MAC) are doctors: Dr. Dirk Perritt, MD, Abbie Piette PhD, Matthew Smith, PhD and Michael Spohn, MD. The medical advisory council (MAC) is composed of leaders in biological and medical sciences, education, and health care. The (MAC) will provide strategic guidance, clinical leadership, and scientific direction to AvodahMed. This diverse group of doctors are recognized thought leaders with extensive experience in bioengineering, emergency medicine, medical ethics, and public health.

Shawn Ring, President and CEO of AvodahMed said: “We are delighted and honored to serve alongside this multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals and medical thought leaders. Each of these medical professionals bring education, experience, and a fresh perspective to AvodahMed that will enhance the patient and doctor experience and outcomes. These professionals, our in-house leadership, and our patented technology will help design an experience that will bring the patient and medical provider closer and help telehealth meet or exceed the experience of a brick and mortar visit.”

About AvodahMed
AvodahMed is an advanced AI technology company that has developed a proprietary combination of natural language processing, deep learning, neural-networking, and computer vision.

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Mariam Varghese

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